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Fine mechanics and sectors of development

Fine mechanics

Precision mechanics (also known as "fine mechanics") is an engineering subject that talks about the design and building of smaller precision machines, often made up of measuring and controlling apparatus of different types.

Precision Mechanical has been used in some of the sectors of development. For example in industrial sector, business areas and home heating, ventilation and air-conditioning models, installation and service in and around the busy commercial centers and so on and so forth . The main partners of Precision Mechanical have for many years, about 45 years, brought together experience working in the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) industry. Work has been done both as a partner and as the main contractor for a huge number of projects differing both in size and detail of work.

Some of the applications of Precision Mechanic services include:

  • Installation of Ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment;
  • Custom sheet metal fabrication and installation;
  • Fitting of heating appliances;
  • Used in the welding process of stainless steel;
  • Indoor air conditioned systems;
  • Used in production of plastics;
  • Plan service and preventive maintenance of mechanical systems;
  • Temperature controls;
  • Used in ultrasound washing;
  • Used in milling processes;
  • Used in glass processing and manufacturing;
  • Mechanical system design;
  • Used in processing of metal alloys such as Hastelloy and other metals such as cobalt and aluminium;
  • Used in pumping geothermal energy;
  • Used in construction of solar Panels;
  • Processing of ceramics.

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