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Grooved Metal Gaskets with Covering Layers

Grooved Metal Gaskets

Grooved gaskets have proved themselves in all industrial applications. These gaskets are found in industrial power plants and in the primary circuits and nuclear installations used either between flanges or in heat exchanger units and nuclear applications, power plants, petrochemical and chemical industries in the most difficult applications such as superheated steam, high pressure hydrocarbon or chemical service. This is because the gaskets are used in applications where high pressures and temperatures are maintained and consequently high bold loads need to be controlled. For flange protection, the solid groove metal core gaskets are normally used in conjunction with a covering layer with soft conformable facing materials bonded on both sealing surface faces of either PTFE, Graphite, Aluminum, Silver, thus providing total protection to the flanges in a secure seal even at low minimum surface pressures. By this way, flange is completely protected from the grooved profile of the gasket.

Size-wise, grooved gaskets can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes from a few millimeters to a diameter of 3,600 millimeters. These gaskets are suitable for use in class 150 to 2,500 service and hence can resist to pressures of up to 350 bar and temperatures of up to 800 Degrees Celsius depending on the seal material type.

An advantage of Grooved Gaskets is that, depending on the metal core, the gaskets can be refurbished. This is the only type of gasket that can be used again after having been refurbished.


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