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Fine mechanics and sectors of development

Fine mechanics

Precision mechanics (also known as "fine mechanics") is an engineering subject that talks about the design and building of smaller precision machines, often made up of measuring and controlling apparatus of different types.

Why Are Style RX Joint Gaskets Not Used As Much As Style R?

RX Gasket

First of all, Style RX is a pressure energized adaptation of the standard style or Gasket. The RX is designed to fit the same groove design as a standard style R, making the joints interchangeable.

Using PTFE in Manufacturing


PTFE has lower coefficient of friction and it is for this reason that PTFE washers are commonly used to assemble sections of moving parts in machines. This is because it reduces or eliminates lubrication costs and deterioration of various machine parts as a result of friction.

Ring Joint Gaskets

Ring Joint Gaskets

Ring Joint Gaskets are widely used in the oil and gas, and petrochemical industry in valves and pipe work. Choice of material may be determined to suite higher temperatures in aggressive media.

Teflon as a Gasketing Material

Teflon as a Gasketing Material

Teflon has certain unique characteristics which make it useful as gasketing material. It is immobile to all chemicals except molten alkali metals and fluorine at high temperatures and pressures. This i because Teflon has high heat resistance, low coefficient of friction and is non-adhesive.

How has CNC Lathes developed the food industry?

CNC Lathes

Lathes are manufacturing machines used for shaping metallic or wooden materials by causing the work-piece or piece of material to be held and turned so as to be cut into the desired figure.

How can I use my Milling Machine?

Milling Machine

Without a doubt the most versatile machine tool is the vertical mill milling machine. Mills can be used to flatten, drill, bore, chamfer, profile amongst other things. There are mini mills, mill drills, side mills and vertical mills.

What is the difference between milling and CNC milling?


First and foremost milling is the manufacturing process whereby machines use shear tools/cutters to rotate and remove material out of a station called a work-piece at a certain direction.

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